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About “Stealth”

Stealth enjoys learning about new computer and security technologies and has been a long time user of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) where he has a near-unlimited source of personalized information from other individuals that have “been there”.

By day, Stealth is a Field Application Engineer. He assists other professionals with the implementation of computer, network, surveillance, and other control systems. By night is he a consultant for a small computer business that does implementation of small-scale computer and networks for residential customers and other businesses. Professional experiences include System Security, Physical Access Management, Network Administration, Desktop Support, Computer Repair, System Design, Collections, and Legal Research.

Stealth possesses a Bachelors Degree in Information Systems Security from ITT Technical Institute. Though the education is sub-par, his research abilities and desire to continue learning has turned his sub-par education into one that is full of real-world experience working out real solutions to real problems. He has dabbled in many programming, scripting, and markup languages including: PHP, Perl, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script, Javascript, HTML, shell scripts, C, TCL, and DOS Batch.

Stealth strives to keep his real identity as much off the public Internet due to his extensive knowledge in corporate computer systems, surveillance systems, and physical security.


About “Xaero”

Xaero is a technology nerd. His interests are far and wide. When he isn’t nerding over some form of technology, he’s sleeping, watching TV, playing a video game or petting his cat. If none of these are being done, then he just might be petting his cat.

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