Sh*t Customers Say (Part 2)

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Here’s part 2 of “Sh*t Customers Say”

Just like Part 1, I have removed names and company information, to protect the stupid from themselves.

“I can’t access my DVR remotely and I’m not at the location. Is there any way you can access it and fix it?”

Me: “Enter 008 in each of the 4 sections on your screen.”
Customer: “I have 008, 008, 080, and 080. Is this correct?”

“It says the trial peroid has expired when I try to load the software. What do I need to do to make it work again?”

Me: “Click on the 3 blue squares linked together for network settings.”
Customer: “I see date and time settings. Did you want me to click on the 2 cog wheels?”

Me: “Change the network type setting from Static IP to DHCP”
Customer: “Oh um gosh I don’t understand network terminology”

“Does [company’s] DVRs have a way to set up online access without an Internet connection at the location?”

Customer: “Can I view this model DVR on my smartphone?”
Me: “No, this model does not have smartphone viewing support. You will need to upgrade to a newer model.”
Customer: “Can we trick it?”

“I can’t playback video from a couple days ago. I had a power failure during the time I want to play, could that have affected it?”

“Is there a way to just bypass the username and password login for your software?”

“I have a Samsung iPad”

“My DVR says “Monitor is disabled. Press and hold MONITOR button to enable” do you have any idea what that message means?”

“Oh, I think I see what’s wrong… [long pause] Are you waiting on my to do something?”


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